Build Your Own Oil Drum Pump Kit

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BASIC pumps have a 2 year warranty and PREMIUM pumps have a 3 year warranty.

What is 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1?
These numbers refer to the compression, air inlet pressure versus oil outlet pressure. For example, on a 3:1, 100 psi of air in equals 300 psi oil pressure out.

What is HD?
• On the Basic line, HD stands for HEAVY DUTY. It can take higher inlet air pressure and has higher outlet pressure. For example, 180 psi in equals 900 psi out.
• On the Premium line, HD stands for HIGH DELIVERY. It will have same inlet to outlet ratio, but higher volume than the 5:1.

What does each Kit include?
Drum, cage (tote), CT, and mobile cart kits all come with pump, regulator, and suction tube.

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Pump, regulator, and suction hose included.  Choose a hose,  and meter to complete your Oil Drum Pump kit.

Pump large volumes of oil with a bulk oil drum pump kit. Tips for Successfully Pumping large volumes of oil with a bulk oil drum pump kit; when planning your oil pumping project, it’s important to choose the right size bulk oil storage container for your pump kit. Choose a container that will fit your needs and allow you to pump large volumes of oil with ease. A drum can be more compact and easy to store for smaller operations.