Build Your Own Oil Cage Blue Pump Kit

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BASIC pumps have a 2 year warranty and PREMIUM pumps have a 3 year warranty.

What is 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1?
These numbers refer to the compression, air inlet pressure versus oil outlet pressure. For example, on a 3:1, 100 psi of air in equals 300 psi oil pressure out.

What is HD?
• On the Basic line, HD stands for HEAVY DUTY. It can take higher inlet air pressure and has higher outlet pressure. For example, 180 psi in equals 900 psi out.
• On the Premium line, HD stands for HIGH DELIVERY. It will have same inlet to outlet ratio, but higher volume than the 5:1.

What does each Kit include?
Drum, cage (tote), CT, and mobile cart kits all come with pump, regulator, and suction tube.

Showing all 7 results

Pump, regulator, and suction hose included.  Choose a hose, or reel with hose, and meter to complete your Oil Blue Cage Pump kit.

What is a Oil Cage Blue Pump Kit?
A bulk oil cage blue pump kit is a pumping device that is designed to increase the efficiency of oil production by transferring more oil accurately. By using a bulk oil cage blue pump kit, you can easily extract large volumes of oil from a fuel source in an efficient and safe way.

Make sure you use the right tools and follow along with manufacturer’s instructions. By following the instructions, you’ll be able to successfully transfer large volumes of oil from a bulk storage container.